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The earth is an obvious habitat of various mineral reserves and resources. Amongst them, Iron Ore remains a key ingredient and an essential raw material being a significant pre-requisite for industries worldwide.
Close to the town of Sirjan, the Southern part of Iran, some rich reserves of Iron Ore are deposited. Golgohar Mining & Industrial Co. is located 55km from Sirjan, in the Southwest of the Kerman Province.
Golgohar Mining & Industrial Co. deposits were first discovered in 1969,by Iran Barite Company.Thereafter,Golgohar Mining & Industrial Co. was established as a joint venture between the National Iranian Steel Company and Sepah Bank of Iran and eventually, in 1991 the registered company of Golgohar Mining & Industrial Co. was formed in Sirjan. In December 2003, the Company turned to a Public Joint Stock Company with presentation of shares at the Stock Exchange.
While the company is actively engaged in investment in Mineral and industrial projects,the core products of the company remain extraction of Iron Ore, producing Iron Ore Concentrate,Iron Ore Pellets and DRI.
A major part of the production meets the rest is exported. Golgohar Complex contains rich Ore bodies which has turned it into one of the most significant and important commercial hub in the region.
Consequently,the Complex has had a positive impact on the Growth of Sirjan as well as the Province of Kerman & Iran.
Iron Ore

Iron Ore Concentrate Plants

In the first phase we produced 4 million tons of Iron Ore Concentrate per year .The project aims to produce 6 million tons annually, which will be performed in two phases.

Iron Ore Pelletizing Plant

This project consists of a 5 million- ton plant (yearly) and is yet expected to increase a higher production in near future.

DRI Plants

The contract has been signed for DRI plant with a capacity of 1.5 MTPA, and it completed in 2014. The construction a steel plant in an area covering 440 acres adjacent to Golgohar with annual production of 1.5 million tons of steel slab in the first phase, which will be in line in 2015.


Golgohar Investment & Development Company, was established in November 2009 and began its activities after upon the approval by board of Golgohar Mining & Industrial Co. which becoming the major shareholder holding 90% of the total shares.
The aim of establishing company associated with the parent company are the following activities:

Head Office: (Tehran)

lFloor, No.2,Shokooh Alley,
Khoramshahr St.
Fax: +98(21)88175964
Email: info@golgohar-id.com

Sirjan Office:

Fatemiyeh Boulevard,
Fax: +98(34)42236093